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GB-9913280-D0: Shield for two wheeled vehicles patent, GB-9913919-D0: Electronic switch security light controllers patent, GB-9914066-D0: Reinforced collapsible container patent, GB-9914141-D0: Babys/childs dummy with built in flashing lights and sound effect easy to find patent, GB-9915391-D0: Aerosol container testing apparatus patent, GB-9915501-D0: Bat retaining ring and bat assembly patent, GB-9915647-D0: Rotary clothes line all weather cover patent, GB-9915854-D0: Gas spring patent, GB-9916911-D0: Defective packaging non-oncoviral vectors patent, GB-9917037-D0: Seat-belt arrangement in a motor vehicle patent, GB-9917077-D0: Aerosol coupling ring patent, GB-9917475-D0: Image setting equipment patent, GB-9917723-D0: Telecommunications service equipment patent, GB-9917797-D0: Back support garment patent, GB-9918282-D0: Cable connector patent, GB-9918533-D0: Electrical connector patent, GB-9919137-D0: Fusehate circuit testing device patent, GB-9919274-D0: Portal imaging device patent, GB-9919287-D0: Structured surfactant systems patent, GB-9919329-D0: Vertically actuated rail guide wheels patent, GB-9919410-D0: Torsional vibration dampers patent, GB-9919821-D0: Phase ordering with automatic window selection (PAWS):A novel motion resistant technique for 3D coronary imaging patent, GB-9921315-D0: Vortex flowmeter with signal processing patent, GB-9921851-D0: Structural elements patent, GB-9922666-D0: Beverage dispense apparatus patent, GB-9924078-D0: Genetic testing patent, GB-9924463-D0: Metal blank forming mechanism patent, GB-9925759-D0: Devices for use with skips patent, GB-9925955-D0: Hcv n33 protease inhibitors patent, GB-9926194-D0: Apparatus and method for displaying information in a folding communication terminal patent, GB-9927247-D0: A printing ink patent, GB-9927289-D0: Improvements in or relating to polyphase receivers patent, GB-9927416-D0: Self-watering and filtration plant pot patent, GB-9927478-D0: Joining elements for a worktable patent, GB-9927941-D0: Independent satellite-based communications systems sharing common frequency spectrum and method of operation thereof patent, GB-9928081-D0: A data card holder and reader therefor patent, GB-9928226-D0: Data processing with message processing nodes wrapped into a business activity patent, GB-9928416-D0: A telecommunications system patent, GB-9929505-D0: Air filter device patent, GB-9929800-D0: Heat dissipation in electrical apparatus patent, GB-9929872-D0: High pressure hydraulic cylinder patent, GB-9929921-D0: Abrasive detergent using fly ash patent, GB-9929939-D0: Systems, methods and computer program products for tailoring web page content in hypertext markup language format for display patent, GB-9930149-D0: Tidal wheel patent, DE-2860242-D1: Supported ruthenium catalyst, process for its preparation, and its use as a hydrogenation catalyst patent, DE-2860892-D1: Process for preparing 2-isocyanatoalkyl esters of unsaturated carboxylic acids patent, DE-2861758-D1: Process for the manufacture of 3,4-dihydro-benzopyran derivatives and starting materials in this process patent, DE-2862205-D1: Method for preparing aluminosilicates and their use as catalyst supports and catalysts patent, DE-2862244-D1: Process and device for producing a packing, and the packing produced patent, DE-2960742-D1: Process for the recovery of uranium from an organic phase patent, DE-2961370-D1: Stabilized aqueous parenteral antibiotic compositions and a process for their preparation patent, DE-2961981-D1: Herbicidal agent and method of combating weeds patent, DE-2963085-D1: Display device having a liquid crystal patent, DE-2963438-D1: Method of reducing aerosolization of wastewater patent, DE-2963914-D1: Shoe and drum brake patent, DE-2965415-D1: Anilinomethyloxime ethers and processes for their production patent, DE-2966151-D1: Powder composition, process for the preparation thereof, and use thereof in coating a glass container patent, DE-2967447-D1: Method and apparatus for converting acoustic signals into optic signals patent, DE-2967562-D1: Banking system and method for the processing of data-carrying documents patent, DE-3060313-D1: Method of manufacturing a moulded element patent, DE-3060345-D1: Fluortriazine derivatives, process for the preparation of fluortriazin-derivatives and reactive dyes and their application patent, DE-3061047-D1: Compounds with antibiotic activity, their manufacture by fermentation and pharmaceutical preparations containing them patent, DE-3061465-D1: Optical cable connector for sealed containers patent, DE-3061532-D1: Fluid-pressure, especially hydraulic actuating device for changing the ratio of a stepped gearing patent, DE-3061593-D1: Process for the preparation of halogenated hydrocarbons patent, DE-3062235-D1: Cyclic peptide nuclei patent, DE-3062315-D1: Encapsulation by interfacial polycondensation patent, DE-3062331-D1: Indole derivatives, process for their preparation, their use as medicines and pharmaceutical compositions containing them patent, DE-3062611-D1: Stilbene compounds, process for their preparation and their use as optical brighteners patent, DE-3062928-D1: Triazole compounds, a process for preparing them, their use as plant fungicides and fungicidal compositions containing them patent, DE-3062932-D1: N-dichloroacetyl-n-phenyl-alanin(thiol) esters, process for their preparation and their use as fungicides patent, DE-3064731-D1: Electrical cable with a reduced degree of nuisance, and having a good fire behaviour patent, DE-3067657-D1: Boiler liner for oil- or gas-fired boilers patent, DE-3069491-D1: Process for producing an alkali metal hydroxide by electrolysing an aqueous solution of an alkali metal chloride patent, DE-3069628-D1: Serum and plasma clarification process patent, DE-3071607-D1: A semiconductor memory device having a memory matrix area and a plurality of peripheral circuits patent, DE-3160218-D1: Bottle and use thereof on cycle patent, DE-3160601-D1: Package for surgical suture patent, DE-3161306-D1: 1-(trihalogen-methyl-sulfonyl)-4-aryl-1,2,4-triazolidin-5-ones, process for their preparation, fungicides containing them and process for combating fungi with these products patent, DE-3162119-D1: Fertilizer patent, DE-3162469-D1: Method of growing hepatitis b surface antigen patent, DE-3162542-D1: Continuous process for the production of ethanol patent, DE-3162952-D1: Record material carrying a colour developer composition patent, DE-3163098-D1: Process for the preparation of an ethyl ester patent, DE-3163504-D1: Process and molding apparatus for producing a fibrous assembly by melt extrusion patent, DE-3163651-D1: 4-(substituted phenyl)-naphthalen-2(1h)-ones and 2-ols, processes for their preparation, and pharmaceutical compositions containing them patent, DE-3164845-D1: Mower-conditioner patent, DE-3166308-D1: A vaginal speculum patent, DE-3166358-D1: Method for removal of sulfur compounds from a gas stream patent, DE-3166439-D1: A method and apparatus for moulding an article patent, DE-3166739-D1: Synergistic herbicidal compositions and use thereof patent, DE-3166860-D1: Package for record carriers patent, DE-3166973-D1: Vaned projectile of the arrow type patent, DE-3167448-D1: N-disubstituted aniline derivatives, their preparation, their use as microbicides, and compositions patent, DE-3167783-D1: Magnetic tape cartridge with file protect feature patent, DE-3168248-D1: Wound healing compositions patent, DE-3168605-D1: Method and device for displaying vehicle operating parameters in a variable format patent, DE-3169192-D1: Combination tool patent, DE-3169429-D1: Selective logic picture of information groups on several nodes of an integrated circuit which go together patent, DE-3170070-D1: Electricity meters patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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